2 If Auto-Invitations are enabled each visitor to your web site will be invited to chat ONCE within 60 minutes period on pages where <%=ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("Product")%>HTML code supporting Auto-Invitations is installed. Auto-Invitations are automatically disabled if there are no operators online under your account.

We strongly suggest placing <%=ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("Product")%>HTML code supporting Auto-Invitations only on the most appropriate pages. i.e. Product Description Page or FAQ page, etc.

For Auto-Invitations to work the following criteria must be met:
1.A proper <%=ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("Product")%>HTML code should be installed on your site page(s).
2. At Least 1 Operator under your account should be "Online".
3.Auto-Invitations must be enabled.

(Click Here To Preview An Invitation Window)